In a world of whiskered wonders... every meow is a magical moment...

Entwined in the enchantment of feline grace and the kaleidoscopic realm of psychedelic art, Kittymean weaves its magic. Our collections of vivid colors and cozy fabrics, blossoms in a garden of comfort. Every product is designed as a portal to a whimsically magical world... filled with cats.

Women's feline-chic

  • feline - /ˈfēˌlīn/

    Often considered as guardians of the otherworldly realms, felines are thought to see beyond the veil of reality, understanding truths that lie hidden to others. Their silent, measured movements and profound stillness suggest a deep connection with the mystical energies of the earth.

  • psychedelic - /sahy-ki-del-ik /

    Psychedelic experiences are akin to peering through a cosmic kaleidoscope, each twist and turn unveiling new, mesmerizing patterns of universal truths and existential wonder. It's a state where the mind dances with the mysteries of the universe, leading to profound insights and often, a deep spiritual awakening.

  • art - /ärt/

    In its essence, art is the manifestation of the human spirit's deepest yearnings, fears, joys, and questions, woven into a sea of colors, sounds, textures, and words. It is both a mirror and a window, reflecting the innermost corners of the artist's heart while offering glimpses into alternate realities.