Our Little Story

The Kittymean universe originated in Bend, Oregon, during a summer of reckless abandon in the shadow of Meow-nt Bachelor. It all was sparked by journeys to music festivals, Burning Man and events alike. But it wasn't the events that stole our hearts; it was the tranquil moments in between, where we found ourselves pedaling through the city, encountering the charming felines that roamed the neighborhoods.


In those fleeting moments of feline affection, we discovered a profound truth: cats are the fibers that weave through the fabric of our lives, binding our love for music, art, and all things psychedelic. Though our world may be flawed and beset by challenges, these whimsical companions gift us with daily doses of escapism that only they can conjure.


In their realm, among the backstreets, hidden corners and secret spots, these little pieces of brightness reign supreme. Ours is but a borrowed existence in their kingdom, a mere flicker in the luminous tapestry of their existence. So here's to the magical cats, guardians of wonder. The glue that binds our experiences in life. Stay magical cats.


In loving memory of Peru, the definition of binding love between human and cat

Furr-equently Asked Questions

Where do kittymean orders ship from?

While most of our orders ship from our Bend, Oregon warehouse, we do use suppliers on certain items that ship from different locations in the USA

How fast until my order arrives?

Shipping times vary, but 90% of all items ship in one business day. We now offer express shipping on most products.

What if I don't like my item or want to return it?

If you want a return or don't like your item, please contact us at meow@kittymean.com with your order number. We are happy as cats to solve your issue or give a full refund.

Give me free cat stuff?

Want free stuff? Just shoot us an email with what you want. Sometimes we surprise our cat friends with free gifts mailed directly to your door.

Where else are your products sold?

You can find the kittymean brand everywhere, including major retailers like Amazon, Etsy, Google Shops, the Shop app, and Facebook and Instagram shops.

Are you on social media?

kittymean can be found on Facebook and Instagram. Please see the links on our footer page for our social handles.

How often will you email me?

By subscribing to our email list, you opt in to receive only one email per month. Emails will offer new products, discount codes and special offers for our litter.

What about dog stuff?

Sorry, no dogs allowed.

  • Quality vs Quantity

    All Kittymean products are crafted in the United States. We emphasize exceptional craftsmanship, innovation, and rigorous standards, ensuring each item surpasses industry and consumer expectations.

  • Shipping and Returns

    We proudly ship all our products directly from the USA, ensuring prompt and reliable delivery to our customers. Understanding the importance of satisfaction, we also offer a hassle-free return policy. If you're not completely happy with your purchase, we welcome returns.

  • More Info

    Please feel free to meow at us with any questions regarding our products, your order, or wholesale purchases. Send us your photos using our gear and get a free gift. We like hearing from you. meow@kittymean.com

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